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Who is Alpha Solar?

We are a start-up branch of Alpha Marketers Group, based in Los Angeles, Ca., that has invested thousands of dollars into testing and has been analyzing solar consumer data trends and working with large names in the Solar and Marketing industries.

We have come together to offer our Beta Program for a limited time, with locked in monthly rates, so when our prices rise after our official launch, your rates won't increase. 

We are only taking on 1 solar company per territory and are very selective to ensure our 500% ROI 
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Guaranteed High- Quality, Exclusive, Pre-Qualified Homeowners Ready To Buy Solar.
What our clients are saying about us:
An Installer In Yosemite & Northern California Area:
An Installer In Malibu/ Beverly Hills Area:
A Vivint Installer In San Antonio, Texas:
"We just started our independent office and were looking for ways to bring in more quality leads. Christa, and the team we able to automate our solar leads and have been bringing in more qualified homeowners for our services."

- JC, Vivint Authorized Retailer
Alpha Solar works directly with Professional Solar Installers to customize a highly-targeted, data driven pipeline of new business month after month. After launching our Beta Program 5 months ago, our clients have consistently seen an average of 500% ROI OR MORE... 

We are selective regarding who we work with, as you must have a proven closing system and an open mind to a revolutionary customer acquisition system...

The old ways just aren't cutting it anymore, they're no match for data driven targeting and machine learning software, combined with a human touch of every campaign we run being personal and CUSTOM TO YOUR BUSINESS.
Here's more about our program and, this is why you'll love it:

☑ No more chasing down tire-kicker leads sold to 5 other companies

☑ No more begging for referrals

☑ No more going door-to-door

☑ No more direct mail

☑ No more direct mail
☑ Your own source of high- quality leads all month long
☑ We are a boutique company specializing in the Solar Industry to

☑ No one else can offer our proprietary software that shows PROOF OF WORK 24/7

☑ We own our own AI software that optimizes our campaigns 24/7

☑ Current clients are seeing a minimum of 500% return on ROI
($10,000 investments are bringing $50,000+ in sales in the first month).

☑ We don't take on low end clients who don't understand business and investing, and we don't take on other industries. We CARE about the long term of your business, and focus on long term relationships with our clients. 
And it's really that simple...
If your business is not utilizing our services... 
Then your competitor may have an advantage.
How Fast You Can Scale...
When It's "Right..."
The reason so many solar install owners fail with their paid ads and digital marketing efforts is simple:

Most Solar Install Professional are using outdated methods that don't work anymore. Period.

Most business owners will go ahead and boost a few posts, and get a few likes to their post, they end up spending hundreds of dollars in ads, and they still wonder why their ads suck! Or worse, they aren't even online are are still doing it like they did in the 1900's and buying junk leads or knocking on doors... then wondering why they are stagnant in their business.

There are tons of "guru's" and "experts" out there promising the moon, taking your money, and then you never hear from them again. We see it all the time and our goal is to do something about it.

Here's the truth... GREAT marketing isn't cheap, and it isn't going to make you rich overnight. Anyone promising otherwise is full of s****. 

Would you install a solar panel on a roof for $500 and tell the owner that it is going to change their world tomorrow? NO...

Why would you expect that from another professional company?

Boosting a few posts or paying $500 to someone is not going to get you anywhere these days. Buying a bunch of junk leads that are watered down, outdated, and sold to other companies is burning the industry out. 

It's 2019, Facebook, Google, YouTube... all of the top companies out there are using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Software to gather data and if you are still trying to buy junk leads or post a few photos online, you are behind the times.

On top of that, there are many "churn and burn" companies out there who don't specialize in solar, charge a couple hundred dollars, and then spit you out when it doesn't work out- because let's face it, they have 100 other businesses they work with and bring more on every day.

They were never focused on you or your business...
This is where we are different.

-We only work with one Installer per territory.

-We care about you and your business.

-When you book your strategy session with us at Alpha Solar, you will be paired up with one of our experts and, if chosen for our Beta Program, we will work with you, one on one,
to develop your own custom pipeline of pre-qualified, highly motivated, exclusive potential customers.

-We are a full service agency that works to optimize your entire web presence. We have the systems and processes in place, along with multiple in- house teammates to offer you a wide array of possible solutions.
Our Founder, Christa, believes in Solar and sustainable living 100% and when she is not living in Los Angeles, she owns a home in the Southern California Desert, on an Eco Retreat that is off grid and powered completely by Solar.
-We believe in what we preach and 5% of all of our profits go back toward local sustainability projects.
(Below are some photos of Christa working on local projects).
Our process is simple, yet extremely powerful:
☑ Market Research: We perform an in-depth analysis of your target market
☑  Paid Strategy: With a clear understanding of the market, we build customized, exclusive campaigns designed to generate you the highest ROI on your investment
☑  Organic Strategy: After performing our in-depth analysis, we work on your organic web presence and work to optimize your website, build you a better website if need be, and take a look at your social media pages to better develop them for more organic traffic which costs less in the long run
☑ Scale: Once we've developed a winning strategy for your local market, we then begin scaling, which is where it really starts to get fun :)
☑ Highly- Specialized: We ONLY work with successful Solar Entrepreneurs and Professionals... where we  have seen massive success. The reason it hasn't worked in the past is because you were not working with a multi- million dollar group that specializes in Solar Installs.
Are you ready to close more homeowners on solar?
A Few Words of Warning!
First 👉 Be Open-Minded
The first step you need to take in order to be a good fit for us to work together, is you need to be open-minded.
The most common thing we hear business owners say is "Digital marketing doesn't work" or "Paid advertising is ineffective."
If that's you, we definitely understand where you're coming from, but we've formulated a process that is nearly fail-proof, which is why we guarantee more customer opportunities or your money back!
You just have to be open-minded and, more importantly, be open to a new avenue of business that's going to help you explode your revenue and profits!
Second 👉 Be Growth-Oriented
You MUST be growth-oriented.
If you're happy with just being an average entrepreneur, than that's cool, but that's not who we're looking to work with.
We're looking to work with business owners who want to dominate their local market and become the go-to business in their area.
If that's you, then book your strategy session now!
Third 👉Have The Budget
We're gonna be blunt here... What we do works extremely well.

But it only works if you have a budget. You cannot expect to grow your solar company with $500 or running some free trial... the only thing you will get there is wasted time and a bigger headache.

You charge what you are worth, and so do we.

We're looking to work with entrepreneurs who are willing to invest in their business.

But more importantly...

We're looking to work with business owners who understand that marketing is NOT about spending money and hoping for the best.

When we market on your behalf, we run paid ads campaigns with the direct intention of generating a positive ROI on your ad spend.

Given that you are in a high-end industry, we have found that our marketing efforts do not work as well if your budget is under $5000. 

If your budget is below that mark, please come back when you are serious about growing your high- end business.
If You Are A Solar Professional Ready to Close More High- Quality Installs, Then You've Come to the Right Place. 

There's nothing left to do but book a call.
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